This is the most compréhensive service we offer.

Above all, you will have access to :

– A technical guide (very detailed) of each movement.

– A library with a video demonstration of any exercise that you can find in our plans.

– General diet / nutrition advice, so that you can do your best even without dietary plan.

In addition to this features, and the program which, like the free program, will be in google sheets format with an explanation page and a page dedicated to warm up, you will be entitled to direct monitoring with your referent coach. It means that your coach will be available 7 days a week to answer your questions, analyze the videos you send, give feedback on your technique. 

He will finally adapt the program if necessary, and advise you in general.

Step 1 : Survey & Testing

Before you start your coaching, a detailed survey will be sent to you on google drive in order to learn more about you, your goals, your performance and to individualize your program as much as possible. In addition to that, you will have a testing file made up of several tests (physical, mental, mobility..).

As soon as we receive it, we will analyze your answers and we’ll start creating the program.

Step 2 : Program creation

With the answers of the survey we create the program in line with your goals. It is 100% personalized according to your possible training days, injuries, history, competitive goals or not .. It will be adjustable over the weeks depending on your feedback.

Step 3 : Technical analysis

We will ask you to film a part of your sessions, in particular the main exercises with certains angles of view in order to be able to do our technical analyzes. The videos will be sent to your referring coach, preferably on WhatsApp.

Step 4 : Continuous adaptation

Throughout the coaching, the program will be adjustable, whether in terms of the volume work, changes in training days, modification of exercises, general intensification, reduction in work for additional rest ..



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