Overload Process Training

Powerlifting Coaching

Who are we ?

We are 3 coachs / athletes and we have decided to gather our knowledge & experiences, with the goal of giving the best for OPT’s athletes.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

Our 2 coaching services to make you better

Personalized coaching

This coaching gives you the advantage to have a customized program as well as the daily or weekly help of a coach. This program will give you access to possible changes in your customized program if needed during the cycle. Your coach will also provide technical analysis with videos, a PDF concerning powerlifting technique, and much more.

Free program

Our free program is design for novice athletes who want to have a preview of the way we program. It will provide a good base of progress in powerlifting but it is not customized.

Testimony of our athletes


I discovered OPT at the very beginning of their creation and decided to choose them so that I wouldn’t  have to worry about my weightlifting program.

I like the google drive system for the training plan and I’m also so satisfied with the relationship I have with my coach. I’ve started to feel a real progress at the moment I’ve chosen them.

Above all, I feel like I am able to progress without really limits. I know that if I do the job and follow the plan, I will reach my goal and it is very satisfying.



I discovered OPT because I chose Alexis as a coach. As some people have already said, 

OPT gives further momentum to French powerlifting since they use modern methods. They’re also extremely active on their accounts on social networks and they stay very close to their athletes.



As far as I am concerned, the OPT team represents several values such as  passion, knowledge, discipline, and pleasure.

On the one hand, I have chosen these coaches already thanks to their plurality, they share between eachother,  discuss and debate, each with their own experiences and opinions. It means that they give us three times more time. On the other hand, I’ve chosen them because it is not only a business that they have started together but it is first and foremost the story of a huge friendship betweenthem, and afterwards they’ve created links with their athletes.

In the end, they kind of bring us closer together, which could be compared as a big family of enthusiastic people who practise the same sport.