Testimony of our athletes

"For me, the OPT team represents several values such as passion, knowledge, discipline and pleasure.
On the one hand, I have chosen these coaches already thanks to their plurality, they share between each other, discuss and debate, each with their own experiences and opinions.
On the other hand, I've chosen them because it's note only a business that they have started together but it's first and foremost the story of a huge friendship between them, and afterwards they've created. links with their athletes.
In the end, they kind of bring us together, which could be compared as a big family of enthusiastic people who practice the same sport."
"I discovered OPT at the  very beginning of their creation and decided to choose them so that I wouldn’t  have to worry about my weightlifting program. I like the google drive system for the training plan and I’m also so satisfied with the relationship I have with my coach. I’ve started to feel a real progress at the moment I’ve chosen them. Above all, I feel like I am able to progress without really limits. I know that if I do the job and follow the plan, I will reach my goal and it is very satisfying."

"As far as I am concerned, I got to know the program especially thanks to Youssuf, I met him at the gym directly and I was encouraged by Damien, who was already coached by him. That’s why I decided to hire Youssouf as a coach.

 The main  reasons were for me the need for an external and neutral vision.

 What I like: the fact that Youssouf listens to the athlete. This is really Youssuf's strength, he literally takes into account every remark made. The availability is perfect and the program are well made."

"I discovered OPT because I choose Alexis as a coach.
As some people have already said, 
OPT gives further momentum to French powerlifting since they use modern methods.
They’re also extremely active on their accounts on social networks and they stay very close to their athletes."
"Highly skilled, responsive, attentive and above all super friendly coaches! The programs are varied and very very effective!"
"Before working with OPT, I discussed many times with Alexis in order to have information, after a few weeks I decided to trust them thanks to the information I got and the ease of communication that I had with Alexis.
After a stagnation which lasted for many months the progress was really seen thanks to their coaching. If you want to progress go for it, they are great and they’re worth it."
"What I like are the training formats, the volume & intensity management as well as the quick feedback of the trainer and the relationship with him.
The openness of the working methods and the fact that the coach trusts you completely."
"Thanks to OPT coaching I’ve discovered a new way of working, they make sure that you can hold on for the long term. We are making progress on the technique, and the program is constantly updated to adapt to our needs and our constraints. 
They have all my confidence."
"Mehdi has been coaching me for a year when the OPT team was created. The coaches are always listening to us no matter what, they answer any question. My results during my season have seen a meteoric rise since the beginning.
Thank you."
"Since I have started to work with Alexis, I have not stopped improving technically and I’ve never felt this strong. He is the best, he makes the necessary technical modifications and is very attentive to my various feedbacks.
I have gained about 40kg out of my total since we’ve started working together! I really appreciate the fact that he is always invested a lot in order for me to improve as well as possible.
He is always very available and caring. Beyond being a great coach, he is also a very human person."
"A team of coaches involved and attentive to their athletes.
Obviously the results can only follow. + 70kg on my total in the space of 5 months.
The plans bring a real plus to the evolution of performance."
"I started with OPT (Alexis) at the end of August 2019, a lot of technical analysis and changes at first, which gradually, through good communication, understanding between the coach and the athlete, brought my performance to another level.
Thanks to this teamwork. "
"I have been working with Youssuf since September 2019. I’ve been interested in powerlifting for a few months and I decided to get into competition.
I followed the programs that could be found on the networks, so there is zero individualization. With Youssuf, I saw my confidence in the loads increase, my technique is improving day by day. Since I started with him the weights have only increased, I recommend 100% OPT to anyone looking for a coach.
They are just as invested in weekly coaching  as they are in daily’s.
In addition, the prices are very correct and are adapted to your needs."
"I started coaching with Alexis 5 months ago, and it  is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my sports life.
Whether in the relationship or the quality of the programming , Alexis was able to adapt perfectly to what I expected and more.
As for the results, although a beginner in powerlifting, they are well beyond what I expected!
To conclude I can only recommend them to anyone"
"Nice technical improvements and clear progress thanks to a program perfectly suited to my needs, my desires, injuries and various apprehensions.
Always full of kindness, positive and very available, Mehdi has made himself indispensable.
Thank you."
"After meeting Mehdi at the European bench press championship, I decided to take him as a coach.
Now 1 year of collaboration and I am more than satisfied with the result: technical improvement, attentive listening to the athlete, personalization, the perfect combination for quality coaching in my opinion!
What I like about OPT is the family side, athletes sharing the same values and who contribute to the constant improvement of this sport!"
"It's been 1 year now that I’ve been training under the OPT banner under the coaching of Mehdi.
They're incredible guys who are and always will be there for their guys, through good times and bad.
Their investments have always lived up to my expectations, personally this is only the beginning of my OPT adventure and believe me, I bet on the right one!"

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