Overload Process Training

We are basically 3 powerlifting athletes who each trained on their own. We got closer by chance and started training together. We realized very quickly that we had a common vision of things, a similar training philosophy, the same desire to surpass ourselves in each session, and above all, we all share the same passion for this sport.

It’s at this moment that we realized that daily support was essential.

We are all three graduates of the STAPS university, and share the same desire to bring our help to people who want to surpass themselves, prove to themselves that they are capable of achieving great goals and above all ready to maintain a strong and an iron discipline. 


We started to coach each on our own, all three with good results for our athletes. The idea came up little by little, but in the end the project started quickly. We decided to unit our project under one name, and this is the reason why we created a coaching team to have more influence.


To sum up, we are three enthusiastic persons, competitors and friends who want te develop this sport and help all those who, like us, love powerlifting.

Youssuf El-Adlani

– STAPS university 

– Weightlifting certificate

– Powerlifting certificate

– IPF athletes -105kg Open

– European champion powerlifting -93kg 2019

– Junior Italian champion 2019 

– Open Italian champion 2019

– Italian record : Junior / open squat : 287.5kg,  Junior deadlift  327.5kg, Junior / open Total 780kg  

– Current comp total : 780kg 

Alexis Bachellez

– STAPS university

– Weightlifting certificate

– Powerlifting certificate

– Personal trainer 

– FFForce athlete -83kg  Junior 

– Top 6 French national 2019

– Current Comp total : 600kg

Mehdi Sahari

– STAPS university

– Weightlifting certificate

– Powerlifting certificate

– IPF open athlete -83kg

– Top 2 French national 2019

– Top 2 world bench press Championship 2019

– European champion bench press 2019

– Arnold classic champion 2019

– French record -66kg Junior bench press 170kg

– Current comp total : 635kg